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Tenant Screening

Credit Report & Score – No Cost

Renting property is a risky financial decision – don’t do it without knowing the credit worthiness of your prospective tenant. <OnTAP> provides the credit report with score and nationwide criminal and eviction reports.  All instant and free for the landlord.


Tenant Screening Features of <OnTAP>

What makes this product PERFECT for you

Experian Credit Report

The full credit report shows your tenant’s history with credit accounts including public records, credit inquires and payment history.

Multi-state Criminal Search

Multi-jurisdictional search compiled from multiple sources across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Nationwide Eviction Report

Includes past court actions, unlawful detainers, monetary judgments, court-ordered possession and property damage claims.

Sex Offender Search

50 state sex offender screening report  incorporating unique technology to overcome obstacles like name misspelling and applicant fraud.

Terrorist Watch List Search

Nearly 200 state, federal and international sanction and exclusion watchlists are searched and included in this report.

Credit Score

Get the insight of the VantageScore from Experian to help you evaluate your tenant’s credit worthiness.

Incarceration Records Search

An incarceration record is a record of a person being sentenced to jail. Incarceration records are criminal records and are on an individual’s permanent record.

Court Records Search

Court records search allows you to search for criminal and civil court case records.

Probation Records Search

Probation records pertain to the conditions of a person’s probation and may list out the duration of the probation, amount they are to repay, how often they are to check in with their probation officer and other information pertinent to a person’s probation.

How <OnTAP> Works

  • Create an account and get authenticated
  • Send email to prospects asking them to retrieve and share their report
  • Review report and make your decision

Simple, Safe & Secure

Using your rental applicant’s name and email address, we send them a request for a background check.  Once your applicants verify their identity, they buy their Experian credit report, nationwide criminal and eviction report and then grant you private access to view the reports.

No Cost for the Landlord

Your rental applicant pays the fee for the reports and then shares them with you.  This unique method is far less legally complex than the normal method, which has you pulling the report on them.

Why <OnTAP> is Best for You

It is just good for your business.

No Onsite Inspections

You can obtain the credit information you need without all the hassle of having your businesses location inspected by the credit bureaus.

Your Success Matters

As a small business our self, it matters to us that you are successful.  Does TransUnion care if you succeed?

The Developers are Here to Help

If you have any issues using the system, the Developers who built it are here to help.

We Share What We Know

Whether you are a longtime landlord, or new to the industry, our experienced staffed can help you grow your knowledge and to be successful.

Your Hours are Our Hours

Having an issue after hours, maybe on the weekend?  Contact us, we more than likely will be here to help you straight away.

Affiliate Program

<OnTAP> will soon be offering an Affiliate program that will allow you to earn commissions from reports pulled by landlords that you refer to the system.

Superior Report

Our report is custom designed to help you determine the financial viability of your prospect.  This protects your assets much better than the cheaper report you can get elsewhere.

Pricing Plan

No trick. No gimmicks. Just one price.

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OnTAP sounds PERFECT. Sign Me UP!


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