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About OnLineTenantApp.com

Being a landlord can be difficult.  Buildings and property are always demanding your attention, and quite often your hard earned money.  Then there are the tenants. They come and go, some are great and some are a real problem, sometimes so bad that you question why you are a landlord in the first place.


“Isn’t life difficult enough without troublesome tenants!”

OnLineTenantApp.com, which we shortened to <OnTAP> was developed to help make your landlord life just a little bit easier.

We are not claiming that <OnTAP> will prevent you from ever having a troublesome tenant, but we are sure that you will sleep easier knowing that you did everything you could to prevent renting to troublemakers.

After spending years in the background screening industry, we believed we could make a difference in the lives of landlords by helping them carefully select their new tenants.  Our first product was onlinetenantapp.com which provided landlords a completely free, safe and easy-to-use online application. We then enhanced the product by adding two much needed background screening reports – the national criminal and the nationwide evictions report.  Finally, we included a credit report, with credit score, to give landlords all the information they need to make a great tenant decision.

The final step was to make all these reports free to the landlord (yep, the tenant pays) so that you could keep more of your hard earned money (besides, who knows when that water heater will blow).

So that is who we are, software developers from Louisville, KY who have worked in background screening industry for over 20 years and thought that <OnTAP> would be a great product to help landlords.

How <OnTAP> Got Here


ISS Enters the Credit Report Business

ISS develops one of the first systems to allow mortgage lenders to access a potential clients credit report.  The system, named AMR2000, was capable of getting credit reports from all three credit bureaus, merge them together, and return one simple to read report.


Internet-Based Reports a Reality

ISS launches its newest products that allow mortgage lenders to access credit reports over the Internet.  The system is comprised of two components: Transvista for editing the files and MortgageReports.net for delivering the files over the Internet.


Employment Background Checks

ISS introduces its first employment background check system with the release of IRIS and EmploymentReports.net.


VolunteerDirect enters the market

ISS launches VolunteerDirect for background checks of volunteers.  This product finds heavy use with religious organizations, sports leagues and other volunteer-driven organizations.


<OnTAP> Enters the Rental Market

Designed to help landlord migrate their business to be more Internet-based, <OnTAP> was launched.  The original version provided a web-based rental application that was given away free of charge.


Background Checking comes to <OnTAP>

Following quickly on the heals of the initial <OnTAP> release, background screening reports where added to the product line.  The unique feature of these reports was that the potential tenant paid for them – keeping the landlords money where it belongs – in his wallet!


Credit Reports added to <OnTAP>

Marking the largest step forward for <OnTAP>, the product line is greatly enhanced by the addition of credit reports for the tenant prospect.  Again, a great value to the landlord since the tenant pays for the reports.


OnTAP Pro Enters the Market

<OnTAP Pro> enters the market to satisfy the demand for a “larger business-focused” product.  Aimed primarily at Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA), this product allows <OnTAP> to deliver the same “free to the landlord” products with the addition of CRA expertise.


Coming Soon: Affiliate Program

<OnTAP> will add an affiliate program in 2018 to allows landlords to make a commission for each report pulled by someone they have referred to the site.  Now <OnTAP> not only saves you from paying for reports, it pays you for the reports of others!

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